Cultural Enrichment

This position is a jewel in the PTO’s crown bringing live performances that provide culture, diversity and entertainment for students and teachers. The cultural enrichment chair arranges and coordinates artistic and cultural enrichment programs for TJS K-5th grade students. Work within the budget provided by the PTO. Schedule programs with TJS Secretary. Have contract approved by TJS Principal. Provide PTO Treasurer with approved contract, invoice and PTO check request. Make sure artists’ requirements for each program; audio equipment, stage size, chairs, etc. are provided. Schedule programs to fit daily school schedule and meet audience size limits. Coordinate day of details- parking, unloading, requirements between school and performer. Best of all, attend performances and see students and teachers enjoying the program. Cultural enrichment programs are scheduled independently from classroom curriculum but can relate to curriculum, school events, ie. Earth Day, or celebrating cultural events such as Black History Month or Chinese New Year.

Educational Enrichment

Schedule two quality educational enrichment programs for each grade level that supports their curriculum. These are either presented to each class separately on the same day, or as one assembly for that grade level, depending on the program. The educational enrichment coordinator reaches out to the teachers to find out what program they’d like to have scheduled and at what time of year. Then he/she works directly with the vendor and the main office to schedule those programs.

The ed enrichment coordinator also oversees the yearly Author Visit. This means selecting an author, this can be done in conjunction with the school principal and librarian, scheduling the author, creating a schedule for the day of with the office staff, and overseeing a fundraising book order. The books are signed by the author on the day of the visit and distributed to the students. The ed enrichment coordinator attends this event to help manage and support.